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Test the Page Tree Creator Plugin

Test our Page Tree Creator Plugin simply by clicking a button in the table below. In the next step you can add / change some input values in the form. If you don't change the value of the 'Project Number' the charts (in the new page tree) will show graphs. 

After you created a page tree, try the buttons inside the page tree to create aditional internal new pages. The part at the begin of the page title is generated by the PTC Consecutive Tags. Consecutive tags can be used to generate UIDs.

You can edit the new created pages and find out the Page Tree Creator Macros are used.

Please also look at the templates. They consist of normal Confluence pages. The only differences are the tags. So, creating a template takes about the same time as creating Confluence pages. And the best is, you are ready. No additional knowledge, like programing in Java, is required. 

Click the button to create a page tree

DescriptionLink to templateExisting trees

Customer - Product / Project Structure used by EPS Software Engineering AGCustomer - Product / Project Structure


Employee Structure used by EPS Software Engineering AGEmployee Structure 

Example to create sub trees on demand:

  • Usage of the Button macro
  • Usage of Ignore Tags macro
  • Usage of the Default value macro
Example 2 



Example with two pages:

  • Tags on page
  • Tags within macro Parameters
Example 1


Create Example by the usage of the menu Create Page Tree

  • First go to the source template Example 3
  • Clicking the menu Copy Page Tree.
  • Fill in the form:
    Target Space: Marketplace Example
    Target Page: Example 3
    Project number: 44013
    Customer name:
    Projekt Manager:

Example to show how the advanced menu works

  • Copy a Page Tree Templates without replacing the tags
  • Copy a Page Tree and add a prefix to the page title
  • Copy a Page Tree without attachments
Example 3

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Marketplace Example PEPSMarktExample