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OneOffixx Exporter Documentation POOEDOC
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Documentation for OneOffixx Exporter
Documentation for earlier versions of OneOffixx Exporter is available too.

No more wasting time and effort when exporting documents and having to copy, paste, adjust and then hope for the best.
OOE at your service, with its powerful and easy to use corporate document exporting app!
Easy, wrapped, fast and flexible.


MacroA Confluence Macro in the macro browser. (Accessible by typing { in edit mode).
RegexA regex, or regular expression, is a sequence of characters that define a search pattern. In the app, this pattern is used for "find and replace" operations on the headings.
OOE TemplateA customizable template that defines the cover page, headers and footers of the exported Word/PDF documents.
Default Template

The template you globally use for menu exports.

OneOffixx Exporter Documentation POOEDOC