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Documentation for Page Tree Creator 5.1.5

Documentation for earlier versions of Page Tree Creator is available too. 

ContentInformation about the Page Tree Creator
DetailsOn this page you'll find a short explanation to different terms that are used in this documentation 



Template SpacesTemplate SpaceA normal Confluence space where the PTC templates are stored
Infrastructural Page

Global templates, categories and single space templates are referred to as infrastructural pages. These three pages are created automatically after creating a template space



A container to store templates, can have multiple spaces assigned to a specific category
Create Category WizardIn the template space, open 'create' from the template dialog and select 'new category'
Category AssignmentBy assigning a space to a category, templates which belong to that category are made available in that space
Single Space CategoryA type of category, which provides templates for a single space
Global CategoryA type of category, which provides templates for all spaces
Category PageThe top page where all subpages are templates
Category ButtonIs situated on the top right of a category page and opens the category detail dialog
Category Detail DialogA dialog, where a user can allocate/unallocate spaces

TemplateA source document located inside the template space
Create Template WizardIn the template space, open 'create' from the template dialog and select new category
Template PageAll pages which belongs to the template

Template Root Page

The top page of the template page tree
Template ButtonIs situated on the top right of a template page and opens the template detail dialog
Template Detail DialogA dialog, which allows the configuration of template names and descriptions

Availability of a template

Make it available globally for all spaces or just for predefined spaces 

InstantiationConfluence Create DialogA dialog, where you can choose existing templates
Tools MenuThe Confluence dropdown menu for each page, which contains the options "Copy Page Tree" and "Create Template".

Create Wizard

Containing the target select, page selection and tag replace forms
Template Selection DialogThe dialog to chose a template, open with Confluence's 'create' dialog
Target Select DialogDialog to choose desired location to instantiate the template to
Page Selection DialogDialog to choose which pages you want to have duplicated into the new destination
Tag Replace DialogDialog to replace tags

TagTags are placeholders
Tag FormatDefines the format of a tag, e.g. User tag, Date tag, Link tag
Default Tag

Normal tags which gets replaced automatically and don't appear in the replace Dialog e.g. __current_user__

Default Value TagThe default value macro can predefine a replacement for a tag
Required TagTags that have to be replaced/ defined

Tag Marker

Markers used to identify tags which can later be replaced (e.g.: "__tags__")

Head Tag Marker

Marker in front of the tag name ("__" two underscores) 

Tail Tag MarkerMarker behind the tag name ("__" two underscores)
ConfigurationsGeneral ConfigurationConfigure the appearance and behaviour of the site
General PTC ConfigurationSetup the Page Tree Creator
Template Spaces ConfigurationAdd/remove spaces where templates can be stored
Space ConfigurationOpen via space tools → Apps → Page Tree Creator
Categories can be assigned and consecutive tags can be configured
Categories Configuration

Located under space tools → Page Tree Creator → Categories

Used to add/remove categories from a space

Consecutive Tags Configuration

Located under space tools → Page Tree Creator → Consecutive Tags

Used to add/remove consecutive tags

MacrosPTC Button MacroPTC macro which can be used to instantiate a template
PTC Tag Description MacroPTC macro to assign a description to a tag
PTC Default Value MacroPTC macro to predefine a default value for a tag

PTC Jira Macro

PTC macro to extend the Confluence Jira macro by allowing invalid links, which can be replaced in a second step
PTC Ignore Tags MacroPTC macro to retain tags when creating new documents with the Page Tree Creator
Tag FormatsStandard TagAn input field is generated in the tag replace dialog
Multiline TagTags that can be replaced with multiple lines of text
User  TagTags that can be replaced with a user
Date TagTags that can be replaced with a date
Link TagProduces a special link input field and a link in the resulting page
Dropdown TagPredefine a replacement value for a tag and it will be shown as an option to be selected in the tag replace dialog
Multi Dropdown TagSame as dropdown tag however, with multiple options that can be predefined and selected during replacement
Regex TagA pattern defines what to replace a tag with
Consecutive TagConsecutive tags configured in the space tools are counted up after each instantiation

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