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Page Tree Creator Documentation PPTCDOC

Documentation for Page Tree Creator 5.1.5

Documentation for earlier versions of Page Tree Creator is available too. 

ContentDescribes the PTC Button Macro
DetailsPTC Buttons allow simple and fast creation of new page trees.



PTC Button Macro can be inserted on a regular confluence page. With a click on the button the page tree can be recreated at a new target. Parameters that can be configured are explained in the next section.



Button Name

Any name you can think of is allowed, also special characters. You can also use tags if you need to.
2Source Page

Specifies the root page of your template. This template is a normal confluence page. When the button is clicked, the root page and all its children are used as template for the new page tree.

  • This field is required.
  • "@self" uses the current page as root page. You can also use the final page name.

Hover over the page in the drop down selection list, it will show you the space the template is located in.

3Target Page

Defines where the new pages are added to.

  • This field is not required
  • To refer to the current page, leave this field empty. This allows a user to edit it later in the replacement form
4Top Page Labels

Values entered here are attached only to the root page of the newly created page tree.

  • No special characters are allowed
  • Don't use whitespaces
  • Separate multiple labels only with commas, e.g. "firstlabel,secondlabel,thirdlabel"
5Permitted GroupsGroups entered here are allowed to use the button. If no group is specified all users are allowed to use the button.
6Watch PagesSelect if only the main/source page, all pages or no pages should be watched after instantiation.
7Fixed TargetIf checked, uses the configured target and skips the selection screen.
8Page SelectionIf checked, users see a list of all pages which are copied and can choose which pages they want to create.
9Hide disabled ButtonIf checked, the button is hidden for users, those who haven't got permission to use the button.
10Resolve Page Titles

If unchecked and using the button with same parameters for a second time would result in an error.

If checked, duplicated page title conflicts are avoided

11Edit modeIf checked, you get redirected to the edit mode of the copied page after instantiation.

How to use the PTC Button Macro

The Page Tree Creator Button can be inserted on any regular Confluence page. For more information visit Template Usage.

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Page Tree Creator Documentation PPTCDOC