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Documentation for Page Tree Creator 5.1.5

Documentation for earlier versions of Page Tree Creator is available too. 

ContentInformation about Tag Description Macro
DetailsDescribing different parameters to be defined



If you want a tag with a specific format like a user input, you need to add a Tag Description Macro.

Insert a description in the macro body to add a description for the replacement input field.


TagThe tag you want to configure


Select what format you want the tag to be

  • Standard
  • User
  • Date
  • Link
  • Multi Line
  • Single Line
  • Dropdown
  • Regex
InfoInsert some help for the user when replacing the tag
RequiredIf checked, an input is required for this tag

Check to hide the macro

Only appears when Dropdown Format is selected

Select OptionsValues entered here will show up in the replacement form as a dropdown list
Multi SelectIf checked, multiple options can be selected during replacement
SeparatorAppears only if multi select is checked. Enter a desired separator which will be used to separate the different options after replacement

Only appears when Regex Format is selected

PatternA regular expression to match the replacement input

Macro Body

The value entered in the macro body describes the tag. It is later shown in the replacement dialog.

How to use the PTC Tag Description Macro

The PTC Tag Description Macro can be inserted on any regular Confluence page.

  1.  Insert the macro on a page you wish to copy and enter the parameters as needed
  2.  Now to create a new page tree use the PTC Button or use the Copy Page Tree option from the tools menu at the top right.
  3.  You will be directed to a page where:
    • The target can be selected
    • Pages to copy can be selected
    • Tags to be replaced can be updated
  4.  Click Create to finish the procedure

Using the PTC Description Macro

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