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Documentation for Page Tree Creator 4.0

Documentation for earlier versions of Page Tree Creator is available too. 

ContentDescription of different Tags
DetailsTags are words wrapped by Tag-Markers and can be replaced when creating a new page tree with the Page Tree Creator. There are different formats and options available.



Standard Tags

The Tag-Marker is configurable in the Page Tree Creator settings. In the standard configuration they are double underscores:


When using the Page Tree Creator, any tag from the source page tree/template is displayed in the Replacement Form and will be replaced with the user input.

Format Tags

Format Tags give the user a special input field in the Replacement Form as well as they produce a confluesk replacement. It can also be used for page titles or attachments.

(info) It’s recommended to use the Page Tree Creator Tag Description Macro for this purpose! (info)

User Tags

      •  __%u tag__

      • These tags result in a user picker in the Replacement Form!

Date Tags

      • __%d tag__

      • Same as the user picker but with a date field.

Link Tags

      • __%l tag__

      • Produces a special link input field and a link in the resulting page

Required Input Fields

      • __%r tag__

      • This tag is mandatory to replace and therefore the input field can't be left empty

Single Line Input Fields

      • __%sl tag__

      • Produces a single line input field, which size can't be adjusted

      • The number of characters however isn't restricted by this

Multi Line Input Fields

      • __%ml tag__

      • Produces a multi line input field, which is 3 rows high and resizeable.

Default Tags

Default Tags can be inserted like the normal tags, but get replaced automatically and don't appear in the Replacement Form!

Default TagDescription
__Current_User__Inserts the current user
__Current_Date__Inserts the current date
__Current_Time__Inserts the current time
__Current_Country__Inserts the current country
__Current_Year__Inserts the current year
__Current_WeekDay__Inserts the current week day, e.g. Monday, Tuesday...
__Current_Day__Inserts the current day within the month, e.g. 15
__Current_Week_Number__Inserts the current week number, e.g. 29
__Current_Month_Text__Inserts the current month as string, e.g. April
__Current_Month_Number__Inserts the current month as number, e.g. 8
__Template_Title__Inserts the title of the template page
__Template_Space__Inserts the space of the template page

Inserts the version of the template page

__Template_Creator__Inserts the user, which created the template page
__Template_last_Modifier__Inserts the user, which has most recently edited the template page

Inserts the modification date of the template page

Consecutive Tags

Template Tags can be configured on the “Space Tools/Add-ons/Consecutive Tags/PTC & STC/” configuration page. Each Consecutive Tag consists of the tag itself and a number. Each time a template with a consecutive tag on it is instantiated, this number is counted up.

Additional to the number it is possible to insert a prefix and a postfix. This can consist of multiple element aswell as a calculation or the current year, current month or the current week (as a number).

Cascaded Tags

Cascaded Tags are common tags with an additional pair of Tag Markers at begining and end.

original: ____cascaded tag____

When using the Page Tree Creator the additional Tag Markers are removed automatically. The tag can't be replaced in this step

result: __cascaded tag__

Now the Cascaded Tag has become a normal tag and when using the Page Tree Creator again, it will be displayed for replacing in the Replacement Form.

It is possible to use up to five pairs of tag markers

Template Sticker

Template Sticker can be inserted into the page title of a Confluence page. When using the Page Tree Creator the Template Sticker is automatically removed. It is configurable in the Page Tree Creator settings. “_Template” is set as default.

original: "_Template page title"

result: "page title"

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