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Documentation for Page Tree Creator 5.1.5

Documentation for earlier versions of Page Tree Creator is available too. 

ContentCreate and set up a template space
DetailsA template space is used to store templates. The templates can be sorted into different categories to determine in what spaces the template can be used.



A template space is a regular Confluence space and can be named as you see fit. The creation of a template space is explained in detail, in the next section. Upon creation the following pages are created automatically: Global Templates, Categories, Single Space Templates, which will be referred to as infrastructural pages.

Newly created PTC templates are added automatically to the right infrastructural page (PTC template creation more).

  • Editing the space folder page is restricted to admins and space admins.
  • Viewing space folder page is restricted to those users, which are allowed to create content in the corresponding space.

Template Space

What is a Template Space?

A template space is a space to store and organize templates

Create a new Template Space

  1. Create a new Confluence space and chose a name for your template space
  2. Go to global configuration → Page Tree Creator → Template Spaces
  3. Add your new created space
  4. Go to your template space and see the three newly created pages: Categories, Global Templates and Spaces

Global Configuration → Page Tree Creator → Template Spaces

Categories, Global Templates, Spaces

What are Categories?

Categories contain templates and reveal in what spaces the templates can be used. Each category is represented by a single page that is located in a template space.  A category can be assigned to multiple spaces.

Global Templates: Templates can be used everywhere

Categories: Templates can be used in all assigned spaces

Spaces: Templates can be used in one specific space

Special kinds of Category

Global Category

  • Is created automatically when configuring a space as a template space
  • On each template space there is one global category
  • Templates in the global category are available on every space

Single Space Category

  • Created automatically when creating a new template with the scope 'Single Space'
  • It is possible to have multiple 'Single Space Categories' for one space on different template spaces
  • Templates in a single space category are only available on a single space.

Category Assignments

A category can have multiple spaces assigned to it. This means all the templates inside this category, can be used in all the spaces assigned to the category.

There are two ways to assign a space to a category:

  1. On the template space via the category detail popup
  2. On the space via the space configurations

Create a new Category

To create a new category, a user needs to create page permissions on the space.

  1. Open 'create' from the template dialog and select your template space
  2. Use the template "New Category"
  3. Insert a category name
  4. Assign spaces
  5. Click "Create"

Update the Catgory Assignments in the Template Space

To update a category, a user needs to have page permissions to edit the page

  1. Go to the category page
  2. Open the category popup in the top right corner
  3. To assign a new space to a category: Select a space in the input field and click "Add space"
  4. To remove a space from a category: click on the (Fehler) button of the chosen space

Update the Category Assignments on individual Spaces

A space admin can add or remove a Category in the space configuration:

  1. Open the space you want to add to a category
  2. Go to space tools → Page Tree Creator → Categories
  3. To assign a new category to the space: Select a category in the dropdown and click "Add Category"
  4. To remove a category from the space: click on the (Fehler) button of the chosen category

Move / Delete Category

When a category page is deleted, the category is removed. The templates contained in this category, would be changed into usual Confluence pages.

If a category page is moved, the category is deleted.

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