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Documentation for Page Tree Eraser Version 1.0.3
Documentation for earlier versions of Page Tree Eraser is available too.


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The Page Tree Eraser is a plugin that allows you to delete page trees.

It's very simple and everyone can get along with that Page Tree Eraser. We promise!

For more details, check out the documentation below.

Step 1 - page tree selection

First of all, choose the main page of the page tree you want to delete.



Step 2 - delete page tree

As you can see, you are now on your page tree, which you have selected (1 PTE).
To delete the page tree, click on << Tools >> and then choose  << Delete Page Tree >>.



Step 3 - select the pages to delete

Check the pages you want to delete in the displayed page tree

and submit with the "Delete Pages" button.

Step 4 - example

So your selection to delete the pages could look like the following:


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Page Tree Eraser Documentation PPTEDOC