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Documentation for Page Tree Eraser Version Version 2.0.2
Documentation for earlier versions of Page Tree Eraser is available too.


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The Page Tree Eraser is a plugin that allows you to delete page trees.

It's very simple and everyone can get along with that Page Tree Eraser. We promise!

For more details, check out the documentation below.

Step 1 - page tree selection

First of all, choose the main page of the page tree you want to delete.


Step 2 - delete page tree

As you can see, you are now on your page tree, which you have selected (1 PTE).
To delete the page tree, click on << Tools >> and then choose  << Delete Page Tree >>.


Step 3 - select the pages to delete

Check the pages you want to delete in the displayed page tree.

The pages you can't see won't be shown but the amout is written. In this example you can't see two pages and they won't be deleted.

The pages you aren't allowed to edit are shown but you can't check or uncheck them. They are red and you can't delete them. In this example there is one page(1.2 PTE) you can't edit and therefore not delete. 

Submit with the "Delete Pages" button to delete all selected pages. 

Step 4 - example

So your selection to delete the pages could look like the following:

It means only the pages 1 PTE and 1.1.1 PTE will be deleted. 


After pressing the button your current page might change. The Page "1 PTE" is deleted and it's parent becomes the current page. 

As you can see on the left side, only the pages with a checkmark were deleted.

Feature 1: User Groups

The Page Tree Eraser is a powerful plugin which can delete whole page trees. It is possible to restore the deleted pages from the trash but the structure will be lost. The administrator can set user groups to only allow selected persons to delete with the Page Tree Eraser if needed. Only the set user groups can delete with the Page Tree Eraser.

See Configuration for further information.



Feature 2: Undo Time Limit

The Undo Time Limit gives every user the chance to undo a created page tree. It doesn't matter whether the user belongs to the user group or not. If a page tree or a Word import for example was created within the undo time, the creator is allowed to delete the whole page tree at once. This can be useful, when there is a mistake in all titles, the tree was created in the wrong space, there went something wrong with a import or something else...

This feature prevents the users to call the administrator if they made a little mistake while creating a page tree. They get some time to undo their mistake with the Undo Time Limit. 

See Configuration for further information.

Example of the Undo Time

If you import a Word Document, it can happen, that something goes wrong. 


Instead of this:


You get this: 


Now you want to delete your Word Document Page Tree to make a new one. If there is an undo time you can now delete it without any problems.

To delete the page tree, click on << Tools >> and then choose  << Delete Page Tree >>.

When you belong to the user group or there is no user group

You have the chance to select individual pages or delete the complete page tree with all invisible and non editable pages.

There are now two submit buttons.
The first one (Delete Pages) is to delete selected pages (won't delete invisible or non editable).
The second one (Undo page creation) is to delete the whole page tree including invisible or non editable pages. 


When you are not allowed to delete or to use the Page Tree Eraser but there is a undo time

You have the chance to undo you page creation if you are within the undo time and you are the creator of the page tree.

You can simply delete the whole page tree including all invisible or non editable pages. 



You can set the User Groups and the Undo Time Limit in the Configuration . If you don't want to use any of them, leave the first one empty and put a "0" in the second one. See the picture right below. 

Now everyone will be allowed to use the Page Tree Eraser but if they make a wrong page tree, which includes invisible or non editable pages, they won't be able to delete it and will need to call the administrator. 


If you want everyone to delete with the Page Tree Eraser and you want to give your users the chance to delete their recently made page tree with one click when it for example contains a small mistake but also pages they are not to delete. 

If you don't want every user to delete page trees, then you can set User Groups. The people which don't belong to the User Groups can only delete recently made page trees if there is an Undo Time Limit. 


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Page Tree Eraser Documentation PPTEDOC