Documentation for Space Tree Creator Cloud

How to use Default Tags

If you want to use a date picker in the replacement form, you can add a %d at the beginning of your tag. It needs to look like this example:

$$%d Start date$$

Replace $$ with your configured Tag Markers and % with your configured Format Marker.

Tags will only be replaced when using the Menu entry "Create Space Tree" or an STC Button (macro). "Copy Space Tree" will preserve all tags.

Tag Formats

TypeTag FormatsTag Formats with markerExample in TagDescription
Date pickerd%d$$%d Start date$$Auto complete field format for confluence dates
Linkl%l$$%d Homepage$$Auto complete field format for confluence links (not implemented yet; will be added in the next release)
Multilineml%ml$$%ml Long Text$$Multi-line inputfield
Singlelinesl%sl$$%sl Short Text$$single-line inputfield
Requiredr%r$$%r Required Tag$$Required inputfield