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Documentation for Page Tree Creator 5.1.5

Documentation for earlier versions of Page Tree Creator is available too. 

DetailsDescription of the Page Tree Creator configuration and its implications



Under General Settings you can setup the Page Tree Creator to your desire.

Genral Configuration

PTC ElementMeaningDefault ValueExample
Tag Markers

Markers are used to identify tags which can later be replaced

__ (two underscores)


Template Sticker

The Template Sticker helps to identify templates. This marker can be added to page titles and will automatically be removed when creating a new page from it


"_Template top Page"

new page title would be:

"top Page"

Use Comala Workflows

When activated, only the published version of a page is used as source

No effect when not installed or not used

Show Copy Page TreeChoose under what circumstances the "Copy Page Tree" field in Page Tools should be shown.

Show icons in Page ToolsWhen activated, an icon is displayed next to following Page Tools fields: "Copy Page Tree", "Create Template"

Template Spaces Configuration

A second configuration displays all template spaces, a new space can be easily added to Template Spaces.

How to create a template space?


The Page Tree Creator permissions are built on top of the confluence permission system.

  • To create a new page with the Page Tree Creator in any way, you need the specific write permissions for the target space
  • To create a new page tree from a template with the Page Tree Creator, you don't need view permission for all pages of the template. If the view permission for any pages are missing, these pages will be created with the corresponding permission of the template. E.g. employee dossier could be a page tree and some pages can only be viewed by the employee and the management.

ActionCorresponding Permission
Template SpaceCreate a new template spaceGlobal Administrator
CategoryCreate a new categoryCreate page permission on the template space

Edit the category assignments

Edit page permission on the category page OR space admin in the space

to assign a category

Delete a categoryDelete page permission

Create a new template

Create page permission on the template space

Edit the template detailsEdit page permission

Delete a templateDelete page permission

View templatesAll confluence users, even without view permission
on the template space
InstantiationSource page

The source is a template OR the user has view permissions on the source page

Target pageCreate page permissions on target space

Instantiate templatesPermission for target AND permission for source

Using the buttonPermission to instantiate templates AND permitted group (button parameter)
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Page Tree Creator Documentation PPTCDOC