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Introduction and use

The implementation plan is divided into several areas: preparation for the introduction of new employees (to be completed before the commencement of work, planning of the entrance), implementation plan for the new employee.

  • The new employee is himself responsible for ensuring that he gets an introduction to the topics listed.
  • For self-study intranet links are listed in the list!
  • When probation talks to a review of the individual topics take place.

Preparation and introduction of new employees

To be completed before the commencement of work

ActivityWho / ResponsibilityWhenRemarkOutcome
  • Picking up the exact personal details, set the initials
 2-3 Wo Initials: (question), Name: (question)
  • Determine the workplace (ev. Procurement of furniture)
 2-3 Wo workplace (question)
  • Network: providing computer (ev. Procurement of Computer)


2-3 Wo


Comupter (question)
  • 4net order account: ASP, Mailbox




4net Login: (question)
  • EPS network: Domain User, User Drive, permissions




  • EPS Tools: Setting up Subversion, Confluence, Jira   
  • Providing phone at work, assign number


  Tel-No: (question)

Planning of the inlet

  • Reception (exact starting date, time)



  • What works, what project




  • First supervisor in the first few weeks




  • Who makes the first introduction




  • Planning the necessary training





Introduction plan





  • First trial talk

after 4. Weeks

  • Second trial talk


after 12 Weeks  
  • Diary in probation
  • Introduction Confluence 




Guide to Confluence

  • Introduction Management System
   Guide to MS
  • Introduction Jira




Guide to Jira
  • Introduction Subversion 




Guide to Subversion,

  • Introduction SuperOffice
   Guide to SuperOffice
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Marketplace Example PEPSMarktExample